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Welcome to GTA Watches

We are the one stop destination to buy, sell, or trade watches in Toronto. Many of us would like to have expensive watches in our collections but high prices make it difficult to buy such premium luxury watches. Watches opened with the goal to make purchasing luxury watches simple and accessible to all.

GTA Watches began its journey after witnessing the lack of transparency in the pre-owned watch market industry. We understand that owning a luxury watch is a big investment, and we ensure that every single transaction receives the care it deserves.

Being one of the best watch stores in Toronto, we managed to create a unique niche in the industry. We have industry experts on our panel to evaluate the luxury watches that our clients offer. The valuation team thoroughly checks every watch being offered to provide an accurate valuation.

We have made the process very simple for our clients. Clients just need to fill out an online form to get started. Our experts will go through the information you provide and will give you a quote for your watch or provide you with the option of consignment within 4 hours of submitting the form. In addition, clients looking for a new watch can place orders online and the watch will be immediately dispatched after receiving payment.

There are a few things that make us different from our competitors:

  • We are a client-centric company, and the client will always come first.
  • Our expert panel ensures correct pricing that aligns with market trends.
  • We have the best collection of luxury watches in our possession.
  • We help our clients get the best possible price for their luxury watch.
  • We maintain 100% transparency in our transactions.
  • We make direct payments to clients via Paypal or Wire Transfer. Cashier’s Check is also available upon client request.
  • Being in the industry for quite some time, we understand the demands and expectations of the buyers and sellers of expensive luxury watches. We are the best luxury watch site and dealers in Toronto and we believe in satisfying customers with dedicated and high-quality services.

For more information about our services and to know our history in the industry better, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to hear from you and answer all your inquiries. We are just one call away!

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GTA Watches is the premier purchaser and consignor of luxury watches. Our valuation team researches each watch to provide the most accurate quote possible. Take a moment to provide us with some information below, and a member of our team will contact you with a quote for your watch or the option of consignment within approximately 1-3 hours, depending on the rarity of your watch.

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You deal directly with us.

Once we agree on a price, you ship us your watch at our expense. Then, we inspect and authenticate it. Once that’s approved, we deposit the money directly into your account by PayPal or wire transfer – or we overnight you a Cashier’s Check.

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